After a few months of intense songwriting and rehearsals we are almost ready for the studio! In december we'll spend almost two weeks in Schenk Studio in Amsterdam to record our first full-length album, featuring Sandy's vocals. To do so, however, we need your support! We've already saved up some money from our summer gigs, but we're still short on cash. To fill all the gaps, we've started a crowdfunding campaign. We hope that, with support from our fans we might be able to fulfil all our ideas and record an amazing record.

Your support shall be rewarded! Check out our page at Dutch website Voordekunst for everything we offer in return for your contributions! (It's in Dutch only, but Google Translate should easily help you understand everything.) If you've danced your ass off at one of our shows this summer, this would be the time to support us and help us continue making some real cool music!