Noorderslag is said to be the best festival in the Netherlands to check out new Dutch bands and up-and-coming artists for the year ahead. So we were honored to be invited to play one of the late night slots on Saturday in Groningen's Oosterpoort. During Noorderslag, the Oosterpoort is host to nearly a dozen stages, filled with anything from Fresku's nederhop and Umeme's afro-dance to Echo Movis' psychedelic pop and Yakumo's orchestral electronics. The back stage area is swarming with anxious new-comers and established big shots, ready to put up their show or hanging back after they're done. It's a perfect place to pick up the good vibes of the musician's life.

By the time we were on, the spacious Binnenzaal was filled with hundreds of people, with more waiting outside. At 1 AM, the crowd was all ready for our high-energy afrofunk. As a performer, it's the best you can hope for. We played an intense and focused set of 45 minutes, making everybody move to the groove.

From Noorderslag we're looking forward to the summer. With new offers coming in almost every day, we'll announce new tour dates soon!